Registration Guide

A: Registration Fee

 = 4-6 pages

 480 USD or 2800 RMB

 = 4 -6 pages (student)

 450 USD or 2600 RMB

 Additional pages

 50 USD/page or 200 RMB/page

 Additional Paper(s)

 320 USD or 1900 RMB

 Invited Papers



 100 USD or 600 RMB


 200 USD or 1200 RMB

 Invited Speakers


 Extra Proceeding

 100 USD or 500 RMB

B: Authors registration fee includes

Sent by courier to reach the Corresponding Author

1. Proceedings on book;

2. Invoice.

C: Participants and listeners registration fee includes

1. Participation in the technical program

2. Lunch

3. Dinner

4. Coffee Break

5. Invoice

6. Souvenirs

The official Receipt of your payment | 官方收据/发票

After the successful registration, we will issue the official receipt of your payment, you will receive the receipt together with all conference materials at the conference site. 

If you need the receipt before the conference date, we can send you the scanned verion.